Swimovate + SlowTwitch

The Original Watch That Counts Your Laps

The only lap-counting watch made for swimmers, by swimmers.

The Swimovate Poolmate series was the first watch in the world that accurately counts a swimmer's laps, distance, and other important metrics while swimming. While other similar products have been released, Poolmate remains the most accurate and the most comprehensive swim coaching tool available on the market.

Revolutionizing Your Training Regimen

Use PoolMate to enhance your training with your coach, including sending data and swim stats to your remote coach for finer analysis.*

*Data function available on the Pro, Live, & Heart Rate models

Get More Value Out of Coaching

If you work with a satellite swim coach, sometimes it can be hard to diagnose and hone technique when they can't be there in person to observe. Today, Swimovate watches will be you and your coach's new best friend. The PoolMate measures the deep metrics that other companies' watches miss, like stroke, stroke efficiency, and lap counts, which can all be sent to your coach digitally in the form of spreadsheets and charts. This allows for more useful feedback and fruitful training sessions, even when they can't be there to watch you swim.

Be Your Own Coach

The newest edition to the PoolMate family, the PoolMate Live, as well as the PoolMate Heart Rate, offer vibrating alerts, which allows you to be your own swim coach. Set it to notify you when you've reached a certain stroke count, time, or distance, eliminating the need for a spotter and greatly enhancing solo practice sessions. You can also save your data to your watch, upload it to your PC, and analyze your swims using the included Swimovate software.

A PoolMate for Any Skill Level

Compare the features of each PoolMate model and find the perfect one for your training needs and budget.

Swim Resources by SlowTwitch

Here are some routines you can use to maximize your swim with PoolMate.

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