Poolmate Live Firmware Update

New open water swim support for Poolmate Live here’s how to update your firmware.

There are two steps to get the new features

1. Update your software on the computer
New software is needed to get the open water swim functionality. Either try the great mypoolmatelink software with mypoolmate.com or use the desktop PoolMateProV2 software but you will need to update the version you are using.
No need to worry about backing up old data, everything will be completely safe when you upgrade.

mypoolmatelink version1.1

mypoolmatelink version1.1

2. Update the firmware on your watch
Download the PoolMateLive firmware (PM3app320c.bin) – OPEN WATER SWIM support and extended battery life.

Connect the watch to the download clip, plug it into your computer and open your new software.

If you are using the mypoolmatelink software, Click the Watch Setup button and you will get the setup window appear.
Click the “Other” tab and click the Firmware Update button in the bottom right.
If you are using the desktop PoolmateProV2 software, select Firmware update from the help option on the menu bar.

A message box will appear prompting for the software, select the firmware file you just downloaded. The Update Progress window will appear

****It is very important not to remove the watch from the pod during the upgrade process or the watch may have to be returned to Swimovate for factory reprogramming****

Congratulations, you have now upgraded your watch. If you press mode you will see OWS as a new option, this is for open water swims.

Your watch can be used in OWS mode when swimming outdoors in a lake or sea. It will estimate your speed, distance etc by using your stroke length and the number of strokes.

The first time you use OWS mode you need to undertake a calibration swim. This swim should be in similar conditions to your normal open water swimming. i.e. In open water and with a wetsuit if you normally wear one. You will need a swim course with a known distance, it doesn’t matter what this is you just need to know it. Ask your open water swim operator if you are not sure.

On subsequent swims just press mode until you see OWS, press start and swim.

(Please note that this is an estimation and will not be as accurate as GPS measurements from a kayak or other vessel.)
OWS mode can also be used to estimate distance in an endless pool or if swimming tethered too. Just swim a few laps of a regular pool or open water facility at the same intensity you would use in the endless pool and follow the calibration instructions.

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