• Make your laps count.

    Make your laps count.

    Poolmate is the first watch made for swim training that accurately counts your laps, distance, calories burned, and other important metrics to today's swimmer. The only lap counting swim watch made for swimmers, by swimmers.

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Be Your Own Coach.

The data you need to step up your training

Crucial Metrics

With our innovative accelerometer technology, PoolMates accurately deliver counts for laps, distance, strokes, efficiency, and calories for a variety of pool lengths, open water, and styles.

Data Storage

Each PoolMate can automatically store the data for your swim so that you can analyze and track your progress after you dry off from the pool.

Computer Link

Want to chart your progress on a computer and get further insights? The Poolmate HR and PoolMate Live, using the download clip, allows you to download your data to your PC or Mac.

Any skill level

From the PoolMate2 with open water capability to the HR's heart rate monitor, there is a PoolMate that is perfect for your needs whether you're training for your first meet or an Olympic medalist.

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For swimmers.
By Swimmers

Swimovate was founded in the UK, when a triathlete and her husband realized that they spent more energy on counting laps and tracking progress than on their actual technique, and thus the Swimovate PoolMate was born. PoolMate handles the numbers, so you can focus on swimming.
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For swimmers. <span style='color:#ffba00;'><br>By Swimmers</span>.

Find your PoolMate.

Let us know what level of swimmer you are, and we'll direct you to the perfect PoolMate model for your needs, or keep scrolling to see all models.

Beginner/recreational Amateur Competitor Pro/Advanced Competitor

A PoolMate with open water capabilities.

The newest iteration of the original PoolMate is also the only one with open water and endless pool capabilities, along with all of the standard metrics that are offered with every PoolMate and the ability to store 50 swim sessions for recall. The new design also features are larger, more durable crystal glass face and oversized display letters for easy viewing.

Counts: laps, strokes, distance, speed, efficiency, duration, sets, rest time, and calories

Colors: Black, grey, blue, and purple

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The PoolMate Live has an additional suite of features for the more demanding regimen. It features a vibrating alarm that can be set for a certain number of laps, distance, or time interval, which is the best tool to keep track of how you're doing mid swim. It also has a 2 year battery life, with a specially designed back plate that lets you change the battery yourself. The optional download clip (not included) lets you download your swim data to a PC or Mac for further analysis via our swim software.

Colors: Black

Counts: laps, strokes, distance, speed, efficiency, duration, sets, rest time, and calories

Options: Download Clip

$115.00 Get it Now!

Heart rate readings for the most advanced swim analytics.

The PoolMate HR is the premiere watch on the PoolMate line. It features an underwater heart rate strap that records your heart rate along with the standard data measured by PoolMates. It also features an included link cable for uploading swim data to the computer, a settable vibrating alarm, and an oversized display lettering for clear reading by the pool.

Counts: Heart rate, laps, strokes, distance, speed, efficiency, duration, sets, rest time, and calories

Colors: Black

Get it Now! $240.00


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