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The PoolMate is the ideal swimming watch for accurately tracking your lap count. Simply press the Start button and begin swimming - no more forgetting your lap count or having to use...


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The PoolMate is the ideal swimming watch for accurately tracking your lap count. Simply press the Start button and begin swimming - no more forgetting your lap count or having to use manual counters to keep track of your progress. The state of the art PoolMate swimming lap counter watch will automatically track each lap in your session, making it easy to track your progress. Designed by swimmers, mastered by a team of engineers, bringing a major leap forward in technology that exists on the market today.  It measures statistics for your overall session, but furthermore, it will record the same data for up to 99 individual sets per session so you can see how your data changes throughout a swim.


The PoolMate Watch features:

Swim Features:

  • Counts your laps!
  • Average Strokes per lap
  • Adjusts to any size pool over 18m/yards
  • Data log (400 log capacity)
  • Speed (seconds per 100m)
  • Distance
  • Calories
  • Set times
  • Pause function
  • Efficiency Index
  • Tumble turns OR pushing off the wall
  • No Calibration
  • 99.75% accuracy!

Watch Features:

  • Digital Watch/Time
  • 12/24 Format
  • Alarm
  • Lap Count
  • Stopwatch
  • Chrono
  • Backlight
  • Water Resistant to 50m
  • 4 Colors: Black, Hot Pink, Bright Blue, and Gray

How does the PoolMate work?

The PoolMate contains state of the art motion sensors that detect the motion of your arm, as well as the pause between laps.  For this reason, it will not count your laps if just kicking.  It is not a GPS.  The unique software algorithms and digital signal processing techniques analyze the data and extract lap, stroke, distance, speed and calorie information automatically. The PoolMate swimming watch, sold in over 60 countries, has quickly become a favorite among both amateur and professional swimmers, who call it the best swimming watch on the market today. This unique swimming watch uses state of the art accelerometers to measure wrist movement during a swim stroke in order to calculate the number of movements per session. The watch also calculates the total session time, average strokes per lap, speed, distance, calories and efficiency. The PoolMate swimming watch features a large memory that holds up to 400 swim logs for review during or after a swim session, and also includes a full digital watch with 12 or 24 hour format, alarm and backlight. Swimmers can easily time running, cycling, open water swims or triathlons using the PoolMate’s Chrono mode, with additional functionality added to allow for timing of rest periods. Using advanced digital signal processing and software algorithms developed by our expert team of engineers, the PoolMate is able to pick out the stroke and lap information for all strokes, including the Front Crawl, Back Stroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly, making it a useful addition to every swimmer’s workout. The swimming lap counter watch works in all pools over 18 meters and doesn’t require individual calibration.

Includes efficiency index:

The efficiency index is based on the  Swim Golf method which breaks down the distance traveled per stroke and timer per stroke.  It is the number of strokes (on the arm you are wearing the watch on) taken over 25 meters plus the time taken to swim 25 meters.

  • Less than 30 – Excellent-Professional Athlete
  • 30-40 – Very Good
  • 40-50 Above Average
  • 50-70 Average
  • More than 70 – Below Average

Tested by a large range of swimmers over a two-year period, we have a database of hundreds of kilometers of swimming and boast an accuracy rate of over 99.75%.

Open Water Swimmers:

The PoolMate has been designed for lap swimming in a pool only. In open water it will count strokes and time your swim but will not measure correct distance, speed, calories or efficiency and may detect rogue laps if your stroke pattern is disturbed.

It's not waterproof?

It is not a dive (SCUBA) watch.  The buttons are not meant to be pushed underwater, that would deem it 'water proof' and would tack on few hundred dollars more, and isn't necessary for the task.    The watch is sealed and water resistant to 50m.

Want to upload your data to your computer?

You need the PoolMate Pro! 

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