The PoolMate Intro Video


PoolMate Video


Swimovate PoolMate Review by Nick Gillingham


Swim-Log records PoolMate Data.avi





Success story of the month: Lisa Irlam, Swimovate


Lisa Irlam inventor of the Pool-mate, interviewed by Cally Robson

Lisa Irlam gives her tips for anyone developing a new product for the marketplace.

1) Get your pricing margins right to allow for own sales, distributors and retailers

2) Build a relationship with your customers

3) Be flexible


Cutec TVC2010 Showcase Entrant: Swimovate



PoolMate Demonstration, Automatic lap counter


Swimovate PoolMate Swim Watch



PoolMate The Swimmers Speed and Distance Computer


Swimovate PoolMate Pro Lap Counter

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