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Swimovate PoolMate Pro, PoolMate HR & PoolMate Live Mac Software

Swimovate Mac Instructions

Please read the Quick Start Guide as it lays out step by step how to install the Software.

Swimovate Mac Software

PoolMate V2 Mac Software (Download - Note please use Safari)

*Yosemite users only! Apple have changed the way they handle unsigned drivers (kext files) and our pods will not install on Yosemite. We have a work around whilst we are waiting for Apple to grant us a kext signing license and as soon as this is in place we will issue a new installer.

1. open the terminal window (you will find this under Utilities in applications)
Type sudo nvram boot-args=”kext-dev-mode=1″

2. Restart the computer, run the to install the software and drivers again

3. Plug in the pod. Open the PoolmateProV2 app from the applications directory. It should now work.

4. You can now reset the kext dev mode to prevent any other unsigned kext files from installing.
Open the terminal window, type sudo nvram boot-args=”kext-dev-mode=0″ and reboot.


Key Software Features  

  • Download data from the PoolMate watch or add swims manually
  • Filter your swim by stroke type
  • Add notes or edit data
  • Select any session and examine in detail including individual sets within the swim
  • Graphical analysis of your stroke count, times, speed etc see how they have changed over time
  • See how far you have swum this week or year
  • Multiple swimmer support
  • View your fastest times, best stroke count etc. at a glance
  • Save as .csv file

EXISTING Swimovate V1 USER wanting to upgrade?

Notes for existing Mac users- who want to upgrade from Version 1 Make sure the old software is not open before running the new one. You can export your data from the old V1 software. From the File menu at the top of the screen select Save Log and choose an appropriate name and location. Open the new V2 software and select File and Import, locate the file you have just exported and it will be imported into the new application.

Prefer Swimovate V1 Mac Software?

Please read the Quick Start Guide as it lays out step by step how to install the Swimovate PoolMate Pro Software.

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